Anyone with PSC had any luck with an FMT?

Curious if anyone here has had a Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) and had any luck. We are pursing that course but still in the research phase. So would love to learn as much as I can about it, specifically with PSC patients. TIA!

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My gastro/hep has informed me that there is insufficient information yet to move to wide scale use of FMT. I understand you are on a trial. Formal trial?

The issue from what I have read is getting quality and consistency in the source material.

FMT is still largely used mainly for those recovering from C-Diff

Good morning,
I can’t answer your question directly. But I do take probiotics twice per year and that seems to help.

We are working on putting together the team of researchers and the funding to do both FMT (infused via the rectum) and MTT (microbial transplant therapy ie capsulated stool bacteria) studies for PSC patients. We will also be exploring pre-treating patients with oral vancomycin prior to therapy.

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I am scheduled for a FMT on 3/23/22. C.diff first infected me 15 years ago while being treated for PSC. In this order, Flagyl, Rifaxamin, Zifaxan, Vancomcyn and Endiff, I was treated over the years. No antibiotic is helping any more, hence FMT via endoscopic introduction is now planned. I will write more after I recover. Regards, Paul

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