Anyone else has this kind of experience?

As usual and out of nowhere, the jaundice is in full bloom. Haven't done a blood test yet since it's in no hurry. I guess the total bilirubin should be between 15-20. Unlikely worse than that since if I drink lots of water and pee will be diluted significantly. But I DON'T FEEL A THING. Itching is not much. I won't know it if not looking for it. Appetite is not that great but I still eat a lot, of course, trying hard to cut all fat. That's probably the only thing beside jaundice I noticed the difference. Anyone has similar experience? I don't know why. I never feel fatigue in my 8 yrs with PSC. I'm still working as usual but do try to get as much rest as possible.

BTW, I did my homework on vancomycin and write a small piece about it. I'll post it as soon as I can. It'll be controversial, but I hope we can have a meaningful discussion about it.

I have not been prescribed vancomycin?? I only take Urso for my PSC.. along with Lialda for my mild UC... My appetite is normal & I eat healthy most of the time.. sometimes I do eat comfort food .. my cholesterol is high..and I take meds for it.. as well as LDL apheresis treatment .. as far as itching its not nothing like it was when I was first diagnosed . its more like normal itching ..

This condition is so individualized that its hard to come up with something that is a definite for any of us.. it just whats working for you at the moment..

The only strange thing about my PSC is that I never feel abnormal fatigue, never. I have everything else, to various extent, but no fatigue. I never noticed anyone else had that. Maybe later I will have fatigue. Who knows! I just hope it won't be here too early.