Any updates on Nor Urso trials?

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new from their doctors or other sources about the progress of this drug… The studies I read about it months ago seemed promising, but those articles were already somewhat dated at the time. I’m hoping there has since been progress! Also, I know there are tons of posts already about best meds for itching, but is there a specific one that would be good for intermittent use? My husband is weary of adding any more meds to his list and a lot of nights his itching is manageable, but every now and then there are bouts of it being much worse! Maybe a standby med would be good to have on hand…?

No update.
There wont be a any, until the firm decides the release the results of phase 2 trial. In any case, it will take years (if things go fine) until this would be available (ie phase 3 trial and possible additional 2b trials, regulatory approvals etc).
I’m hoping to see this available around 2018 (at the earliest)

Thanks for the info!

Hi, please have a look on that (Feb 2015):

The phase 2 trial is about to be finished and to be published. We should have the results before summer.

They want to start phase 3 this year. I hope not only in Europe but also in US as there are more PSClers there and they are better organised as the europeans.... it's paradoxal... in EU the research is bettter structured (look at ) and in US the patients (PSC Partners Seeking a Cure).

I share the opinon of Ted, NorUrso will not be commercially available until 2018/2019. However, if you can participate in a trial, normally they give you the right medicine for a long time trial once you finished taking your first medecine or placebo. So you can participate, you could have it already in 2016, and for free :-)