Advice on pregnancy while having a stent

Hello, I’d like to reach out to the members who may be experienced or heard about the following. There are many posts on this topic but no such specific case. Is it possible to become pregnant and safely deliver a baby while having PSC and a stent? Normally stents needs to be changed every 3 months and medication used for sedation might not be safe for the fetus.

I’m 32 and was diagnosed with PSC last year (2015), some of the symptoms started in 2010 but confirmation that it is PSC was made only last year when I was hospitalized with a strong jaundice. ERCP was done and I got a stent. When I asked my doctor if I can think about pregnancy she told me that it is not possible at the moment, I need to wait for the transplantation first. But I feel pretty well now and they don’t want to put me on the list for transplantation at the moment. I don’t think that my condition will be any better than now (at least before transplantation) and what if transplantation will happen in several years when I will be too old to have babies… I’d like to try now but not sure if it’s possible or not…

Thank you for advice

Your doc telling you to wait until after a transplant seems harsh.

Yep, she made me cry... but I will not give up:)

Hi Irina

I don't know what the answer is, I am new to this disease, but I wanted to say hi, and acknowledge how difficult this is for you. I feel in a 10-20 minute consultation we are just passing before the eyes of the medical profession who see hundreds of cases - its hard for them to fully emphasise with a patient's position in that time.

Do you think you would get any traction if you made another appointment specifically to focus on your question, seeking some clarity about time frames for pregnancy/fertility and the potential of a liver transplant? I hope you get the information and clarity you need to be able to make the right decision for you.

Hugs and best wishes

Hey Irina,

I would firmly express to your doctor all of these concerns. Ask her to work with you. If she is not willing to help you through the pregnancy process then I would recommend finding another doctor or at least getting another opinion.

All of these questions are valid and the safety of your baby is of UTMOST importance. I had a very difficult pregnancy but a very healthy baby, I just had to have him early due to Cholestasis of pregnancy. If they are worried about you not being able to get a stent during the pregnancy then I would think through what kind of sickness you could experience during the pregnancy. It will affect you more than your baby.