Advice on Latest PSC numbers

I was diagnosed with PSC in June of 2012 (3 years already), and have done fairly well other than some fatigue and itching associated with the illness. I work 60 hour weeks and recently even got a big promotion. I don't feel too limited in anything that I do yet.

Now the bad part. About 3 months ago, my doctor called me and asked me to discontinue the use of Ursodiol 500 MG tablets. His rationale was that studies showed it really didn't help in my stage of the illness other than maybe hold the numbers in check.

Yesterday I visited Kaiser and had my quarterly blood test. Here is the alarming part to me, three of my numbers either doubled or tripled what I had ever previously tested at!

My Alt between 2012 up until March of 2015 was anywhere from 49-57. My test Friday came back at 153! Triple almost any other number I had ever tested for.

My Alkaline Phosphate was always between 272 and 336. High but not alarming high. My Friday results were an astonishing 716!

Lastly my AST results had always been between 34 to 43. Close to or a little above the standard range of 10-40 U/L. Friday it registered 115.

Not sure what to make of these numbers. Whether I should ignore his advice and go back onto the Ursodiol or find another GI doctor. I have a big job move coming and now for the first time I'm a little alarmed to think I may not pass a physical to take the position or to get life insurance!


He has an out of office reply until the 7th, so no ability for me to ask him. I'm considering just putting myself back on the Urso, as my numbers were stable prior to him taking me off of it. Probably the worst time possible for the numbers to spike as I'm getting ready to take a 3 year assignment overseas.