About the Caregivers category

Anyone whose life has been touched by a rare disease is welcome in a Ben’s Friends community. Most of our members are patients, but we have spouses and parents, besties and caregivers here as well.

Caregivers sometimes need help too. Being the one responsible has its own set of challenges. Often those challenges aren’t unique to this community. Because of our diverse communities, we can support and help each other with our experience and wisdom. Now Ben’s has a place for that: caregiversupportcommunity.org. A private world of anonymous wisdom, all in one place.

Are you a caregiver? Why not join Ben’s Friends’ caregiversupportcommunity.org ? Share your experience and what you’ve learned with other caregivers from all over.

Like all Ben’s Friends communities, caregiversupportcommunity.org is anonymous, safe and supportive.

And we work hard to keep it that way.