A Word about Covid Vaccines

"Whether or not you choose to get vaccinated is a personal choice. Somehow, someway choice has become a political statement. Ben’s Friends Communities are for peer to peer support, not politics. While Covid is a concern of our membership, we are not social media. Anytime discussion veers to politics, religion, or off topic, that discussion will be moderate either moved to a private discussion or locked. Governmental policy is not an element of peer support. Keep in mind we are an International Community. What is going on in one country politically means nothing to the rest of our membership. That being said, I want to share something from on of our FaceBook Groups which is very consistent with my previous background. From One Vaxxed Nurse:
People are making this much harder than it needs to be. If I swabbed all the wounds I seein the ER, some of them would test positive for Clostridium Tetani, the bacteria that causes the disease called Tetanus. This bacteria exists in our environment so it’s going to get into wounds. Most people are vaccinated so they don’t develop Tetanus (the disease)

If we swabbed the noses of everyone with a mild cough and looked for Bordetella Pertussis, we would get lots of positive hits, but most people are vaccinated against it and don’t develop Whooping Cough (The disease) Their vaccine worked, because they don’t have the severe disease associated with the infection.

People who test positive for SARS-Cov-2 on nasal swab and little or no symptoms have been protected from COVID (the disease) The Vaccine worked. Its literally the SAMEas almost everything else we vaccinate for. MOST vaccines don’t give absolut protection from getting infected, they stop the severe disease associated with infection. MOST also require a periodic booster to maintain their levels of protection. None of this is new, you’re just now starting to pay attention."

This is the first Epidemic/Pandemic in the Social Media Age so it all SEEMS new. On personal note, I’m old as dirt (according to multiple social media surveys) So I remember the Lynch Twins getting and dying from Whooping Cough when I was in the first grade and Moms keeping us all in the house for weeks till there wasn’t any more cough in the area. believe me the vaccine was welcomed. I remember not being able to run through the hose in the summer because we might get a chill. A chill was the start of Polio. The Raymond boy up the street had polio. They lined us up in school for our first Polio Shot and again several years later when the oral vaccine came out. I have a scar on my arm from Smallpox. We never thought about any of it, we were thankful.

Its a personal choice, but please don’t overthink it and DON’T get your information for politicos, or social media “experts”