A victory against itching

Two weeks ago, I went to my dermatologist and showed him the itchy, red spots on my legs that have been driving me crazy. He prescribed Mometasone Furoate Ointment USP. Within two days, my itching was about 5 % of where it was previously.

The redness has greatly diminished and I have hardly scratched the same areas in a week.

The screwy thing about it is that I am to wrap with saran wrap the areas with the ointment. That takes some getting used to, so I put it on as I am getting ready for bed.

Glad something helps.


Stephen, it sweats some, but then I do not wrap it too tightly.

The saran wrap is to enhance absorption of corticosteroid cream which is best used conservatively or the skin can become thinned.

Have you tried the cholestyramine oral suspension usp powder ? It works for my loved one quite well. Taste is yucky… But it is worth it.

my sister make a great natuopathic cream with lavender in it ,,that is my miracle cream on itching it calms the nerves down and stops the itching,,long term it is a bit drying i only use it when i am itchy...good luck

sorry I itched for two years I had a transplant after I had my fourth child my bile ducts closed that was in 1997 had to have another big surgery in 2006 and 18 years later I’m still living

I had my transplant when I was 33 rejection when I was 43 and another big surgery and I’m 51 today