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Hello fellow PSCer's,

I am 57 years and was diagnosed with PSC about 19 years in MN. I only started with itching which was pretty much only on my back, so I managed to take advantage of every wall made of bricks etc. to relieve the itching.

Meanwhile my family (after a recent loss of my first wife to melanoma) moved to Israel and I continued a normal life.

Except for that I had no other symptoms until about 4-5 years ago when I was having weekly cholangitis attacks every Friday night. Why? I discovered that on Friday I always drove by a certain bakery that used massive amount of either margarine or soy oil. I never went to a doctor because after I slept off the fever it always gone the next day.

6 years ago I divorced my second wife.

About 3 years ago I decided to have a MRI and the doctor immediately set it up. Besides the usual inflammation they saw a Klatskin Tumor and it was small but they got very worried. So after my first ERCP (after many years) showed that it was benign. Even so, the head of liver transplantation in Hadasah hospital insisted that in order to diagnose the tumor he would have to cut out a 1/3 of my liver and told me that my survival rate after a few years would deteriorate significantly.

I refused and then began to take a lot of natural remedies including cannabis that my oncologist insisted I continue even today. ( I had to pick NY!!) .

Anyway after a year the tumor disappeared.

But I under went in the last 3 years about 6-7 ercp's.

About 7 months ago Ascites began and my energy levels just bottomed out.

Now here I am scheduled to go through a few more tests at Montefiore Hsp. in the Bronx.

Anybody with any experience at Montefiore, I would love to hear.

All the best


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Heshy, there is another member who has posted that she is in NYC. Look in the discussion section, the symptoms and management area, and you'll see a post asking about NYC.

You might be able to see what she knows about your hospital, and compare notes.