Choline Supplement

Hello Everybody

I wonder if any of you take choline supplement for the liver. Share your experience, please!

Adam, I have never heard of it.

This has some good info:

Looks like there is a link between a low choline level and fatty liver.

I ran across this article about phosphatidyl choline, ulcerative colitis, PSC, and mucosal damage: - I think the basic idea is that in ulcerative colitis and PSC, there is a shortage of phosphatidyl choline (PC) in the mucosal lining of the colon and bile ducts which might be linked to disease progression. The author’s mention that this is very speculative, though.

There’s been some research on using PC for UC, and it didn’t seem to cause harm and might be helpful. I don’t know if this could translate to healing in the bile ducts, but I have some hope.

In any event, I’ve started taking a PC supplement, ramping up to 4.8 grams per day. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects, and I’ve managed to gain a couple of pounds (but I’ve also probably been eating more).

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hi MBLand,

I’d like to follow up on this topic. I’m interested if you kept on taking the phosphatidyl choline and if you have noticed any improvement?thank you in advance for response

Hi Ania,

I took it for around 6 months, and it didn’t seem to help or hurt. It might have alleviated some unrelated skin dryness.

I’ve had to get multiple ERCPs this year for stent exchanges, and it look like my ducts are not getting any better. I have started vancomycin, and that appears to be lowering my numbers, but I’m not sure if that is going to have any impact on the disease progression.

All that said, as a single data point, I don’t think it’s time to draw a conclusion, but for me it wasn’t a home run.