Advice for Chronic illness and disengagement

Advice related to the psychological effects of chronic illness would be appreciated. I am struggling with knowing how to help with my husbands disengagement.Antidepressants might be helping, who knows. Don’t know how to encourage him. I am understanding, calm and undemanding. To push or not?

From July 2006 to June 2007, I had a very tough year. But I know that my wife was also put through the wringer. We usually did a good job of supporting each other, but on the days her anger/resentment came out, those were the worst.

So whatever you do, please do your best not to show any anger or resentment to him. Positive reinforcement will get your further than negative.

Stephen gave some excellent advice.

HI there, I have had approximately twenty years of medical tests, hospitals, etc... now I get something nice for myself when Ive come through a rough patch..Luckily Im a female, so love shopping, and Im happy to go to Vinnies or the Salvo shop to get something really lovely...Ive also started to have massage or facials when I can afford same. Also I go onto Living Social or similar, for some great offers, these include all types of holidays, meals etc... my little dog keeps me walking, and good GP communication is a must as they can direct you in the direction of assistance and counselling. Stay strong.

Hi Glass flower

what an apt name. I think we all feel at times as if we are made of glass, cracking is inevitable when dealing with this disease. Have you checked the liver foundation in your area? I know here is Toronto they have support meetings once a month. Maybe that would be helpful. Sometimes it is easier to talk with people who are dealing with a similar issue. They also have a lot of information they can mail to you to help understand some of the issues. I know sometimes we forget that our loved ones are going through this with us. It is hard to come outside of ourselves and look at the other persons suffering.

Good luck to you and your husband

Talking to a professional or support group can be very helpful.


Thank you. My husband keeps a lot in, I know, to protect me from it some and so we have a life outside of PSC too. I appreciate that, but sometimes it turns out to not be so helpful, since I have some insight and effect on things he can do to prevent flair ups. A delicate balance.