What the heck is complete atrophy of my right hepatic lobe parenchyma?

Just got my latest MRI results. Complete atrophy of the right hepatic lobe parenchyma. Multifocal segmental stricturing and dilatation of the intrahepatic biliary ducts. Have appt on Tuesday to explain what the heck it all means. Has anyone had results like this?


The rest means your bile ducts are a little twisted. That's the diagnosis of PSC. How are you feeling? I wouldn't worry about the test itself. Wait till you talk to the doctor and have him/her explain. Mostly, what is the plan going forward. Diet is the most important thing and what you can control to make your life a lot easier and symptom free.

Have some questions ready. Ask about supplements. Vitamin C, D, fish oil, probiotics, milk thistle, ... Be specific, on point and you will get a great result. Ask about diet. Ask about eating fat and what happens to the liver. The liver has to produce bile to break the fat down. We have twisted ducts. So, when excess bile is needed...depending on how twisted, it stays in the liver to back-up and cause Cirrhosis. One of our fears. So, DIET MATTERS. Ask about eating WHITE. Everyone should avoid WHITE: rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, .... Ask about salt and red meat. Life really can be good with the proper diet. YES WE CHEAT once in awhile.

Have a great Holiday weekend! Get your questions ready. Trust me, the results sound worse than they are: mona

It basically means that the main cellular makeup of the liver, the cells that do all the good work - from detoxification to initiation of bile production and secretion - the hepatocytes (and these make up the parenchyma of the whole liver) - have atrophied and probably are not functioning at all. This is what I learned from reading about it just now. Check out parenchyma and then check it out for the whole phrase you have there from the MRI -"complete atrophy...etc." Google will find it. I'm not sure how it will be interpreted by your doctor, though. That's between you and him/her. Best of luck. But remember this, you have lots and lots of company on this same journey.

Thanks Mona and danabee. I’ve been cruising along for several years with just my usual fatigue, sweats and chills, RUQ pain, but no ERCP’s or CT or MRI’s. Reality just came banging on my door this week!

Latest news for me is that I am now starting the process for live donor. I have a sister but she has too many health issues. She is eager to donate blood for the cause if I need it. My son has been away and I really rather talk to him face to face. I don’t know his blood type yet. I’m O neg. I brought my dear friend with me and I’m so glad I did. As we were leaving the appointment I turned to her and said “Oh my gosh, how do you approach people and ask them if they would be willing to give me a sliver of their liver?”. Surreal for sure.