Psoriasis and other auto-immune diseases

Just curious if anyone else has experienced any other auto-immune diseases that keep coming up? Trying to come up with a solution for Psoriasis that does not interfere with our liver function.

Yes, I have had this problem for years and a transplant did not solve the problem.

was there anything you were able to take to alleviate the itching without interfering with Liver function?

I had psoriasis for a few years and it disappeared when I started immunosuppressant (Imuran), am on this permanently. Also the psoriasis disappeared during periods of time on prednisone.

No matter what you use either orally or tropically, will effect the liver. You just have to try it and then have liver panels checked. I would recommend a Dermatologist at your transplant center.

Should clarify - I was put on immunosuppressant because of the PSC and another autoimmune disease. The psoriasis relief is a perk.


did your Dermatologist / GI or liver specialist put you on Imuran? Just wondering who to discuss this with. I feel I have so many questions. How does Imuran affect the Liver? do you know, or has your doctor mentioned anything?


My gastroenterologist put me on Imuran (azathioprine). Yes, it can cause liver toxicity though rarely and liver function tests are followed regularly. I believe the maximum dosage is based on body weight.

Bone marrow toxicity is the biggest concern and a TPMT (blood) test MUST be taken before starting Imuran as some people have reduced TPMT enzyme activity. If the test indicates that one has a true TPMT deficiency (rare) this med would be too dangerous for them i.e. fatal.

Hi super Chevy,

I would suggest talking to a dermatologist about phototherapy treatment! Phototherapy units are used for a variety of reasons…jaundice infants, acne, eczema, and psoriasis to name a few. Great alternative to use apposed to Pharmaceutical! I never used one myself, but I did sell them to hospitals. The best person to ask is a dermatologist.
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