New to my numbers

With just recently being diagnosed with PSC, I am unsure how to read my numbers and that. On my results, I can log online and see them the last time I got tested, I have my numbers and then the "standard" numbers of what they should be. My question is what numbers do I need to keep a watch on and so forth?

Keep watch on all your numbers. The goal (for me) is to do as much as I can to keep my numbers in the 'normal' ranges.

I am taking Budesonide 9mg/day (3mg capsules, 3 per day). Seems to be doing the trick for now...

My son just switched to budesonide from prednisone and I encourage any new patients to ask their docs about budesonide BEFORE starting prednisone. Prednisone was very hard for my son (his doc said he had never seen a patient so sensitive to it) but budesonide seems to have good clinical research showing much fewer side effects than prednisone. It has definitely been the case for my son. It is a bit more expensive than prednisone, but nothing like vanco... do ask!!

After I got out of the hospital, I got hives really bad. I emailed my GI doctor about them and got him saying he gave me gabapentin, which for me doesn't seem to work, for the itch and non-sleeping issues. I did get my gall bladder out first then the next day I got the stent put into my liver. I had gone to the doctor who took my gall bladder out for a follow up and he had no clue to my me an appointment for my family doctor (Got his nurse practitioner...good all the same to me) that day. She had no clue as well....gave me the prednisone and contacted my gi doctor. He was saying that she probably should not have given me the prednisone. I had taken 3 doses and the hives are starting to go away. I am soo angry with the fact the gi doctor did not give me the chance to see me. Told me to see a dermatologist.

Thank you to you both for the input. I appreciate it.