Enzyme Count Spike

I thought there might have been numerous topics about enzyme counts and what can cause them to spike, but didn’t see one, please advise if this is a repeat topic.

I had blood work done today, my counts have been very slowly but steadily improving over the last year. I’ve been in a good place in terms of knowing what to avoid and what causes them to increase/decrease. Today’s tests showed I’ve spike considerably GGT is over 1,000, was under 400 4 months ago, Alanine Aminotransferase jumped up quite a bit too etc. etc.

There have been no changes in my diet, exercise, but I was taking tums a few times a day for a period and I started taking multi vitamins, which I’m stopping both today just to be safe.

Has anyone else experienced this sudden inexplicable change, and/or know what can cause it? I avoid sugar, Tylenol, alcohol all the big ones. Very well might just be normal progression, but to jump up so far so fast seems like there might be something behind it, possibly I had an infection without knowing.

Thank you all for your advice, hope everyone’s staying healthy and doing well. I haven’t posted in a long time, probably because I was doing well. It’s wonderful having the understanding and support of others going through this.

Good question. I would love to see a discussion on this topic. I haven’t seen anything myself.

Update: my cancer antigens were also up, they’re high. I spoke with my GI and it’s possible that I had a bile duct infection with no symptoms which caused the spike and caused my antigens to increase too. It could also be the big C, which would have caused the spike…we’re doing more blood work and scheduling an ERCP to be sure. I just had an MRI the other week which didn’t show anything, which is good.

In the meantime I’m switching to an anti-inflammatory diet, which I’m excited but really not excited about. I’ll update this thread as I get answers.

I hope you get good news. PSC is nothing but unpredictable when symptoms arise.