Confused.. need some answers please

I have been throwing up all different times of the day on different days for a couple weeks now and it is just white foam.. is this something that has happened to others, should I be worried. Any answers would really help thanks

Hi abbs!
I’ve read different articles and websites about psc.Before everything i want to ask you a couple of things.FIRST:do you know what stage you are? .SECOND:and how is your bilirubin and albumin levels? AND THE LAST ONE: are you feeling so sick?HERE IS SOME OF MY INFO ABOUT VOMITING AND PSC “But Im not sure about you know each body is different”: Vomiting is a sign of stage 4 psc or primary biliary cirrhosis.Its a major scarring of liver that increases your need for need to see the doctor right away to see how is your liver functioning. You may need to start seeing transplant team.Hope you feel better soon,YOU’RE IN MY PRAYERS:)

I am not sure what stage my doctor says that they caught it early. All of my levels were fine because I did call my doctor and he said that more or less there is nothing wrong. I feel so sick all the time now like I lost my appetite. I just feel really tired and all sick all the time now and discouraged because my doctor says nothing is wrong like is normal to feel this way. I don't know if I don't something wrong. Thank you for replying I really appreciate it.

Hey abbs whats up?
Are you feelin’ better now?
NOTE:loss of appetite is a sign of PBC,too.what are your other symptoms?red palms?jaundice?right upper abdominal pain?