Can you help us out with Facebook Giving Tuesday?

On Tues November 30 Facebook is matching all donations up to 8 million dollars. Can you help us out? We know patients are stretched thin and we are NOT asking you to participate unless you are able. BUT it’s possible that people in your social circle are able to help and with the possibility of their donation being matched by FB the opportunity for us to continue and expand our work is endless. So can you help?

Ben’s friends is an approved charity. To create a personal fund raise you need only go to your left menu > scroll down to fund raiser and click> on top of the pave taht opens is giving the page that opens si a box " (your name), we’re matching $8 million on GivingTuesday in blue box “select your non-profit” click it> and it opens to “choose a non profit” in the search box type in “Ben’s Friends Patient communities” and a preview will be created all you need do then is go to the bottom of the left menu and click create and you are done.

Have a great Thanksgiving and THANKS for helping keep our communities keep the lights on!

Please give more detailed instructions. I can not even find the “left menu”. How about a link to take me there?

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As previously mentioned I’m afraid I can’t find the menu and don’t fully understand your instructions.

These instructions are for Facebook.

On a computer - press the blue F at the top left of the Facebook page, then scroll down. You may need to press “see more” and you’ll see Fundraisers. You can finish following the instructions from there.

On a mobile device, press the top right where it’s 3 horizontal lines (the hamburger). You’ll see a whole bunch of boxes, and may need to press “see more” until you see Fundraisers.

On either device, you’ll then follow the rest of the instructions above.

Sharon from ModSupport